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Getting Barcodes for a Cheap Price to List Products on Amazon

Amazon Barcode Number. What are UPC and EAN? Getting Barcodes for a Cheap Price to List Products on Amazon

You know that we need barcode (UPC, EAN) number for our manual product listing on e-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay. You can redeem these codes not only for Amazon and eBay, but also on Google or iTunes.

Especially those who focus on the Amazon FBA business model, those who want to send their products to Amazon warehouses and sell them, should definitely get barcodes.

First of all, what is a barcode?

A barcode is a unique sequence of numbers used to identify a product or product. Most barcodes on retail products are in either EAN (13-digit) or UPC (12-digit) format. The barcode number can be converted to a barcode image (like vertical black bars). When barcode images are scanned on a check counter, product information will appear on the checkout screen. (2 Get 1 Barcode Free)

What is UPC?

Universal Product Code (UPC) – A 12-digit barcode commonly used for retail packaging in the United States. Although there are several different types of barcodes, the UPC symbol appears on nearly every retail product in the US and is the most versatile and acceptable type of product code in this part of the world. It consists of a barcode with the GTIN-12 number underneath.

What is EAN?

The European Article Number (EAN) – A 12 or 13 digit product identification code. Each EAN uniquely identifies the product, manufacturer and attributes; Typically, the EAN is printed as a barcode on a product label or packaging. An EAN code is a unique combination of numbers (‘EAN’ stands for ‘The European Article Number’) used to identify an object on the basis of a European system.


Do I need to get barcodes for my products?

We recommend getting barcodes for your products as more retailers are turning to a barcode system. While it is optional for retailers to use a barcode system (and barcode scanners) to process orders and track inventory, the system is extremely useful as it simplifies the sales process. For this reason, retailers are increasingly incorporating barcodes into their stores – and in the near future you may find that some retailers require you to barcode your products. If you’re an Amazon or eBay seller, you’ll need to get a barcode for it. Barcode number is required for you to list your products manually. UPC or EAN does not matter, after all, when you list a product on Amazon, it turns into an ASIN code. (CLICK NOW to get barcode at cheap price)

What is the difference between UPC and EAN?

UPCs are the most widely used barcodes in the USA. EANs (The European Article Numbers’) are used internationally. These days, product UPC codes and EAN codes will be accepted in most places even if you plan to sell your products outside of the United States, but an EAN code may be best for you. Barcodes in EAN format contain 13 digits starting with “0” in front of the standard GTIN-12 digit UPC code. However, both barcodes are the same.

Where can I get a barcode? Which sites are reliable? How can I find out that it is reliable?

There are many sites to get barcodes, but it is a little difficult to find correct and GS1 supported barcodes. For this, you can browse barcode sites by searching Google. There is a good site that we can recommend you to buy barcodes at a cheap price.

NewBarcodes: You can buy barcodes for $2 each. In addition, as long as you keep the number of barcodes high, you can get a really good discount, and they even offer you a gift barcode. It’s a reliable site.

You can buy barcodes with peace of mind from the site mentioned above.

To check the accuracy of your barcodes and whether they are GS1 supported, you can go to the following site and enter your barcode and search: (Gs1 Check)

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